Pre-Deathly Hallows Fanfic Festival

Because Oldies Can Still Be Goodies!

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Celebrate the great fan fiction written prior to the release of Deathly Hallows
This is a community for pimping and reccing Harry Potter fics written before “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” based on bi-monthly themes.

I believe, and I’m sure that you do too, that there are lots of wonderful stories out there that shouldn’t be forgotten just because they were written before the new canon. I want this community to become one of the best resources to find and share those classic fan fiction treasures.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite stories with you, and I am even more excited to hear what your favorite stories are. Enjoy your stay!

Community Rules

1)Only stories written and posted before July 21, 2007 can be pimped or recced.

2)WIPs that had at least one chapter written and posted before July 21, 2007 are allowed.

3)DO NOT post your stories on the community. Please post LINKS ONLY.

4)Please use the posting format listed below. A cut and paste version of this format will be posted every time a new theme is announced.

5)Use a new post for each rec. More than one story can be recced in the same post only if all the stories in the post have the same ships and/or main characters, so that the posts can be tagged appropriately for easy searching.

6)Tag each post with the names of the main characters in the story, the main ships of the story (or gen), and the name of the bi-monthly theme you are responding to. This will make it easier to search the community for the sorts of stories you are interested in. If a tag does not exist for one of your characters or ships, comment to your post requesting a new tag and one will be created for you.

7)Feel free to comment about the stories being pimped or recced, but I’m sure the authors would appreciate if you commented at the site of their stories also.

8) NO FLAMES in posts or in comments.

9) Do not post discussions, questions, theories, essays, etc. This community is for STORY RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY.

10)Users will receive one warning for violation of the rules. If a second violation occurs, the user will be banned.

Posting Format

Title: provide title with link here
Author: provide author’s name and a link to their journal or website
Rating and warnings: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, list any warnings
Characters and Ships: list characters, and ships (or gen)
Summary: include a short summary of the story
Author’s Notes: include if you are the author, or
Why you should read this: if you are recommending a story, explain why you like it and want to recommend it.

Your moderator is: jncar
Contact her at: jncar.fic@gmail.com

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